The Maverick Story 

  Why we love what we do... 

PWC Fishing Jet Ski Fishing Maverick Fish Hunter
PWC Fishing Jet Ski Fishing Maverick Fish Hunter
PWC Fishing Jet Ski Fishing Maverick Fish Hunter
One hot sunny day on the streets of Miami with my days work done,  I had nothing to do except head to the beach. It was nice to feel the sun and the breeze coming in off the water. In the distance I could hear what sounded like a snowmobile, as it got closer, it was some people on a personal watercraft (PWC). They looked like they were having the time of their life! That day I started my search for a Jet Ski.
I decided on a Yamaha FXHO, got a good price, only a couple years old, low hours, fantastic machine, and decided to spend some time in the Florida Keys, I was almost there anyway. I'm an avid fisherman so I naturally purchased some fishing gear and Maverick Fish Hunter was born. I was hooked, loved the speed, economy and having a destination for my PWC.
I'm a Manufacturing Engineer by trade so we went to work designing a system that would be the best solution to the problems posed when fishing from a ski. Such things as storage for fish and gear, being able to troll and placement of electronics and accessories. I think you will be very pleased with our patented system of bags and brackets.
We originally designed a standard cage and cooler system for the back of the ski, but found that when exiting the water, if the rider happens to end up there for whatever reason, it was nearly impossible to remount the machine with this rack mounted to the back of the ski. We had heard of an incident in South Africa where a fisherman with one of those cages/racks mounted on the back nearly died. I personally phoned the Coast Guard station and this is in fact what had happened, the fisherman was very lucky, bet he sold that cooler the next day. Our system was designed to solve that problem, the Maverick fishing system actually aids in your egress from the water, you're in good hands.
There are so many advantages to the Maverick PWC Fishing system, let's start with the Saddle Catch Bags. The Maverick Saddle Catch Bags are large enough for all your day's catch, I've had 2 Kingfish both over 42" in 1 side of the matching catch bags. One of the two Saddle Catch bags is big enough to store your rods and reels when you're in saltwater so your gear stays corrosion free from the salty spray coming off the machine.
The Handle Bar Brackets are any fisherman's secret weapon, I almost hate to let it out there. With the rods mounted on the steering wheel bracket, every time the rider corrects his course, the rods whip forward and back, pulling the lure forward through the water then letting it drop back towards any following fish, the urge to hit the bait is impossible for them to resist.
Tight lights my friends, please go to the forum and let us know about your tricks and gear recommendations, ask questions and help give answers, thanks for tuning in.