Maverick Endorsed PWC Essentials
as featured in
Pro Rider Magazine
Okuma Travel Rods:
On a PWC, space is everything, keeping compact is the name of the game. We have started working with Okuma for the last year now and the managers there understand the requirements of PWC fishermen. Okuma has paired Mavericks PWC fishing interests up with their product line and matched our requirements perfectly with their line of rods. The line of Nomad Travel Rods are a must have, gone are the days of running out 20 miles in the ocean chop with your rods smashing around in rod holders, these rods break down into three and four pieces and store away in the line of Maverick Saddle Catch bags. The Maverick bags are perfectly able to protect your reels from salt water corrosion and the rods from the beating waves can dish out on your gear.
Wet Sox:
I can happily say that this product line has made my life more enjoyable on the water. In the fall I generally always wear a Bare Shorty wet suit if not a full body wet suite, and having these socks on my feet help in getting those wet suites on and off, but also help keep my feet warm and dry. These sox ride high on your leg so there isn’t any water getting in the top and the extra layer keeps my feet toasty warm all season long. The Wet Sox come in multiple sizes and also a new camo pattern that fits our outdoor life style to a Tee. I will do a future review on the rest of their product line as we are so impressed with the Wet Sox product, stay tuned for that.
Star Brite:
Keeping your watercraft clean and well maintained is something that should be second nature, gear well taken care of lasts longer and operates better will in service. We recommend the Star Brite line of products as they are environmentally safe and work extremely well. Star Brite is an internationally recognized brand name and an industry leader in cleaning and maintenance products. We always use the Star Brite Sea Safe wash and wax with the Ultimate Xtreme Protectant. One very note worthy product is the Wash Mitt Micro Fibre Reggae, if you want your wash down to fly by, this is the wash mitt to have, great products from a great company.